Real Estate Agents are golden friends for sellers and buyers in the real estate market places


Real Estate Agents serve as bridge between the designated sellers and the buyers. Real estate agents contribute greatly in promoting real estate business. Both sellers and buyers are able to derive maximum benefits through using the desired services  from the real estate agents.

A competent  real estate agent can serve the causes of both sellers and buyers through individual skills and professionalism in the field of real estate business promotion and marketing.

Skills and Competencies of Real Estate Agents

Better knowledge and Experiences

A Real Estate Agent is knowledgeable and experienced in his profession. He knows the pros and cons of real estate business as against the available knowledge and experiences of a seller and buyer

Geographical and Community Knowledge

Real Estate Agents are better  knowledgeable and familiar with the relevant local area and community to deal with the expected services to be offered to the sellers or buyers.

 Wider networking and connections

Real Estate Agents have extensive networking and connections to do the expected job leading to optimum satisfaction for sellers or buyers.

.Agents serve as bridge

Real estate agent acts as a liaison between buyers and sellers. Agents  connect the buyers with the designated sellers and properties; arrange visits to the property locations and sites, as necessary..

Price Negotiations and contracts

Negotiation is a tricky business. Competent real estate agent can do the job more efficiently and effectively. Real Estate Agents help to negotiate prices by the sellers and buyers of the property in view of different options offered to them as appropriate. And facilitate the  the necessary contractual arrangements..

 Market situation

Real Estate Agents are able to present the current trends and market information to both sellers and buyers in order for them to discuss and negotiate the prices efficiently.

Find appropriate lands/homes for customers

Real estate agent look for and find desired property for customers as and when necessary.

After closing services

Real estate agents are able to handle the “After closing” services of selling and buying affairs more efficiently and effectively.

Make “Life easy” for the customers.

Real estate agents take the responsibilities and work for the sellers or buyers thus making the “Life easy” for them.


Evidently real estate agents are golden friends for sellers and buyers in the real estate market. Nevertheless, the success in the real estate business depends significantly on selecting and choosing real estate agents with appropriate skills and professional knowledge.


Players and Actors in real estate market contribute individually distinctly and significantly

Different players and actors exist in real estate markets. They  contribute individually distinctly and significantly in the real esate business promotion and marketing. Actors in the real estate markets are of different types and can be categorised based on their associated functions accordingly.

A typical diagram showing the different categories of players and actors in real estate market place is presented below. The diagram appears to be self explanatory:



A real estate market place can become an ideal place for sellers and buyers and other relevant customers only when all players and actors  are able to perform desired functions and transactions efficiently, effectively and ethically.


Challenges of Real Estate Business  is an obstacle  for its success


Poverty alleviation is a vital component of SDGs -Sustainable Development Goals as promoted by the United Nations across the globe. Poverty alleviation leads to improving the quality of life vis-a-vis the living standard of human being. Various components of real estate especially the land and housing appears to be  a major limiting  factor in determining the quality of life and living standard accordingly.

Challenges of Real Estate Marketing

The high magnitude of population size and scarcity of land and housing especially in urban areas has created significant demands on availability of land and houses especially in  metropolitan cities. This situation has in turn prompted the set up of real estate marketing business sharply. Nevertheless, the real estate marketing business has given rise to several problems  and challenges  on its way to success.  The challenges of real estate marketing include the following:

  • Lack of awareness of customers on real estate marketing principles and guidelines.
  • Lack of adequate exposure of customers on real estate marketing company and agents.
  • Failure of Real Estate Companies to always keep on commitment.
  • Lack of professionalism on real estate marketing.
  • Too much profit motive instead of social service on the part of the real estate companies.
  • Inadequate  customer friendly policies and guidelines  in the real estate marketing sector.
  • Unfair competition in the real estate marketing sector.


Real Estate marketing is a growing business across the world. More pragmatic and user friendly  guidelines and approach is  an essential precondition for the  mutual benefits of the real estate marketing companies and the customers as well. Real estate  professionalism  is a key demand for the sector.


Famous and Amazing Buildings and Structures Across the World

There are many famous and amazing buildings across the world. These buildings and structures are symbolic and are assets in the Real Estate arena for the people to view and feel accordingly. These buildings and structures will also continue to inspire architects as well as Real Estate Actors and promoters through the ages.

A rare slideshow containing the famous and amazing buildings and structures is presented below for all to view and enjoy: