KBR Property Home (kbrpropertyhome.com)  is running on experimental basis at the moment and will be improved and developed gradually overtime.

The policies and User Guidelines as presented below is on draft format and will be expanded and completed overtime, based on the experiences.

KBR Property Home does not produce or manufacture any product or services . It is a marketing Center where information on products and services are gathered from different sources and then compiled and uploaded for marketing for others  in terms of establishing contacts and on-line links with customers, sellers and buyers as found suitable and appropriate.

Products and Services

KBR Property Home is currently operating on the following major products and Services lines:

A. Land for Sale

B. Apartment for Sale

C. Home Renting

D. User Education

E. Research


KBR Property Home is currently doing free listing of information on products and services as collected and compiled from different sources including print media and Internets. The information listed here are not verified. The intended users may use the information at their own responsibilities. The website owner does not have any liability in this respect.

We hope to come back with more user friendly policies and guidelines in course of time.